Social-Educational and Cultural Project for the boys, girls and adolescents in social risk and low resources from the community Los Laureles Sur. 

  1. Project Objetives


  • Contribute to the betterment of the interpersonal relations and self-esteem of the boys, girls, and adolescents in social risk of the community of Los Laureles Sur through their integration to the cultural activities and Reading.

     Main Achievements

  • Strengthening of the artistic capacities and cultural of boys, girls, and adolescents that are learning dance, painting and music.
  • 70% (15 of 22) of the programmed classes to attend boys, girls and adolescents of Laureles Sur during the I Semester.
  • El 58% de Padres de Familia (26 de 45) contribuyendo a la sostenibilidad económica del Proyecto de Cultura. The 58% of the parents (26 of 45) contributed to the economical sustainability of the cultural project.
  • 42% (22 of 52) children of low resources have been given scholarships and are integrated in music, painting and dance classes.
  • Strengthening of the coordination with the Music Project in the Neighborhoods.
  • Strengthening of the musical capacities of three adolescents that have scholarships in the Music School Flavio Galo, actively participating in the new musical repertoire.

Formation of the musical group with 6 students of sweet flute, 2 that have scholarship of marimba and 1 of guitar to project in cultural activities.