“Project of the Communitarian Pre-School Alan Shawn Feinstein

General Objective: 

Guarantee the educational attention of students with educational-social and economic needs of pre-school age through the development of inclusive actions in the classroom and the community and the establishment of inter-institutional support networks with organizations responsible for providing preschool education services in a context of equity and respect, which allows them to develop knowledge and group socialization for their integration into primary education.

Main achievements 

  1. 91% (140 of 153) children have passed their school year. (25 of 35) children enrolled in 1st level promoted to their higher level, (38 of 42) of children enrolled in II Level approved their level, (77) children approved their III Level
  2. 25,511 meals prepared in 2017, benefiting 140 children.
  3. 2 parents committees, active participate in 11 meetings, carrying out 100% of the proposed activities to collect funds for the project.
  4. 85% (60 of 70) mothers and fathers actively participate in the educational processes of their daughters and sons.
  5. 11 meetings of parents to assess progress in the education of their children
  6. 35 Mothers and fathers trained in: Health; Eating habits; Good treatment, Love and respect to Children; Child violence; Importance of values; Alimony; Machismo; Hyperactivity; Love of culture; Let’s demonstrate the Pride of Being Nicaraguans; I take care of the Natural Resources; Negotiation and Resolution of Family Conflicts and Self-esteem.
  7. 3 private companies (Kings Bread bakery, NICA Wave and the Purity of Maria School from Villa Venezuela) supported the preschool through providing stimuli to children as well as food. 2 civil society organizations (CAPRI and ANF) supported with school furniture the first and food the second, maintaining excellent relations between other NGOs and NITCA. 

Main Activities during 2017 

Carried out with the support of 2 private companies and channel 2, 1) Class Start Party; 2) Summer Fair; 3) Children’s and Girl’s Day; 4) Children’s Carnival; 5) Semester Closing Party; 6) Semester Start Party; 7) Feast of Indigenous Resistance; 8) End of Classes. Extras Activities: 9) 1 Visit to the Water Park; 10) Fair of the Week of the World Action of the Education; 11) NITCA Summer Fair; 12) 5 Collection sales; 13) 2nd End of the year party sponsored by kings bread bakery


The Ministry of Education in its inspections has recognized the excellent teacher-child interaction existing in pre-school.

The World Bank, which supports the MINED, in its supervision celebrated the excellent work that is done in the Center, offering verbal congratulations to the workers.


Communication, the integration of the parents in each process, created a high level of appropriation of the project by the tutors, stimulating confidence in the staff and a great willingness to collaborate in the educational process of their daughters and sons and likewise in the activities proposed by the project.

At the level of children, they have shown attachment to the preschool and its teaching staff, has been impacted in the decrease of aggressive behavior between classmates, has increased the sociability among them, likewise their level of introversion was surpassed. At the end of the course, users have shown extensive manifestations of sociability, knowledge of the world, attitude change, and samples of artistic skills.

At the community level, the Pre-School Program enjoys respect and prestige for having added services, such as access to the Library “The Corner of Tales”, education with playful methodologies, care in the psychological clinic, attention in the community health center, and classes of dance, drawing and painting.


The program at the beginning of the period faced serious economic problems due to lack of budget, added to this the lack of support from the parents of the children, which required to look for an exit strategy to the crisis, an open and close dialogue with the community, it was preponderant to solve the problem, who promoted collection activities, helping to overcome the crisis.

The deficit of restrooms units in the salons, was a problematic felt in the period, this crisis was resolved in consensus with the community of parents who supported the construction of a new restroom unit for boys in particular.

Lack of understanding on the part of some parents, in admitting small accidents with their children. The exit to the problem was to establish a frank dialogue to get to see reason in the relatives, who ended up supporting the preschool.

Furniture is not suitable for the third level classroom, this problem has been pending for the year 2018. However the coordination with the Ministry of Education and CAPRI (NGO), allowed to achieve the donation of three tables with 18 chairs, to help to decrease the problem. 

N° 1. Registration


Level Initial Registration Final Registration
F M Total F M Total
I 22 13 35 13 12 25
II 22 20 42 20 18 38
III 38 38 76 36 41 77
Total 81 68 153 70 68 140


Parents Committee
Mornig Shift
Position Name ID #
Coordinator Yesenia Gutierrez 001-260489-0009b
Vice- Coordinator Wendi Torrez 322-060892-000IR
Secretary Gladys Gadea 124-250580-000IP
Treasure Lesvia Yojana Carazo 454-120487-0004E
Speaker 1 Freddy Jarquín 246-22057-0002M
Speaker 2 Anielka Romero 001-100600-1021N
Evening Shift
Position Name ID #
Coordinator Rosibel Siles Murillo 361-190779-0010W
Vice- Coordinator Ana Francis Caballero 241-180788-0002W
Secretary Felécita García López 246-121298-0003Q
Treausure Alicia Elízabeth Maradiaga 481-190789-0000T



Promotion of First, Second and Third Level

Donation of Scholar Shoes by NICA Wave



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