General Objective:

Contribute to improve interpersonal relationships and self-esteem of girls, boys and adolescents at social risk in the community of Laureles Sur through their integration into artistic and cultural activities.

Results obtained

  1. 75% (15 of 20) students of Sweet Flute, have remained and successfully completed the school year, with averages that range from 78 to 98%.
  2. 67% of children (10 out of 15) who finished the school course of Sweet Flute classified at the audition to participate in the end-of-year concert that was held at the Rubén Darío National Theater. They jump from beginners to Intermediate levels, and from intermediate to Advanced.
  3. 60 children and adolescents were treated in Saturday classes in Drawing and Painting classes, Sweet Flute and Folk Dance, of which 45 ended, with a 75% retention.
  4. 60% of the children (15 of 25) students of the drawing and painting classes have remained and satisfactorily completed the school year, present progress in the handling of different techniques and use of the brush, have shown interest in integrating to classes next year.
  5. 94% of the children (15 of 16), students of the Folcklore classes have remained and successfully completed the school year, show progress in the handling of dance techniques and have made the choreographic montage of 6 folk songs.
  6. The Tree Worlds house Foundation, through the «Music in the Neighborhoods» project, assigned two teachers to the neighborhood to give continuity with the Sweet Flute classes
  7. 3 musical scholarships received from the Flavio Galo School of Music, two Marimba scholarships and one from Guitar.
  8. Establishment of coordination with the Coordinator of Arts and Culture of the Autonomous National University from Nicaragua (UNAN-Managua), so that students of these careers can carry out their internships at NITCA and thus strengthen the culture in 2018.
  9. Directors of three community educational centers show openness for the dissemination and promotion of the artistic and cultural activities that NITCA offers to the community.
  10. Collection activities to support the project, generated an income in the year of C $ 12,590.00 (twelve thousand five hundred ninety Cordoba’s).
  11. 10 parents have contributed to economic sustainability, in two activities promoted by the project.
  12. Two private companies supported the Christmas fundraising campaign, AIMAR GROUP and Light and Style Beauty Salon

Featured activities

  1. Celebration of the World Folklore Day in which an exhibition of Nicaraguan Folklore was held in which 450 children of the Louis Feinstein School (South Laureles) participated, a celebration that ended with a Folkloric Cultural Festival with music, dances and typical food, participating 150 children.
  2. Talent Show «Participate is my Right» was held at Laureles Sur School, with the participation of 250 NNA
  3. Celebration of Mothers and Children’s Day, with the participation of 90 children and adolescents.
  4. In coordination with the Music in the Neighborhood. Flute Orchestra, a concert was held in commemoration of Columbus Day with the participation of 60 NN,
  5. The 1st Musical Concert with String Orchestra and Choir of the House of the Three Worlds was held for the opening of the Nelson Mandela Auditorium
  6. Christmas Concert of the Flavio Galo School, held at Galería Santo Domingo;
  7. Students of recorder participated in MelB’s Musical Concert at the Rubén Darío National Theater.
  8. The dance group participated in at least four activities promoted by NITCA, and made a presentation on TV.

Impact of the Cultural Program

The integration of children and adolescents into the different artistic and cultural disciplines has favored the strengthening of their abilities intrinsically linked to the strengthening of self-esteem, through the participation and exposure of talents in public.

Mothers of families see the project as a space where their children progress and progress due to the acquired learning and are willing to form a committee of parents to support initiatives that promote fundraising in 2018.

It facilitates community cohesion and the recognition of the artistic talent of children and adolescents….

Main Difficulties

The lack of interest of some parents to attend meetings, activities promoted by the project and disinterest in knowing the progress of the children integrated into the different cultural activities, reason why a plan to strengthen relations with a group of mothers was prepared of families that support their sons and daughters.

The interest and insistence of children to join the project was made impossible because it is a requirement that the father attend his son and daughter’s registration, but the parents do not have time because most of them are working, it was established that another family will enroll so they can be integrated into the classes.

The lack of props for the dance project limits the variety of choreographic assemblies, the support of parents was sought to assume the personal purchase of ballet costumes to perform at the opening of the auditorium.