The Foundation Center for Attention and Professional Formation of the streets Working Children, was created as an organism of civil society, without means of profit. Its maximum organism is the General Assembly of members constituted actually of 12 members. 7 people constitute the Board of Directors elected by the Assembly.


Mission: An organism facilitator of opportunities accompanied with programs and projects for the Children that are at in social risk, to the family and the community in the human development.

Vision: For the Children and adolescents that are in social risk be subjects to the rights and protagonists of their own development, through transforming their attitudes in the family environment and a self-manageable developed community.

General Objective of the Organization:

Contribute to improve of the quality of life of the children and youth along with their families.

Specific Objectives. 

  • Promote the duties and human rights for the Children and youth.
  • Strengthen the Communitarian Organization for the development of the capacities and potentials of leadership that allows them to participate in the formulation and execution of programs and social projects in benefit to the Children at social risk.
  • Promote the actions to reduce the health problems, education, nutrition, insecurity and the participation of the citizens, Children and adolescents in the communities of intervention.
  • Develop a process of strengthening the Institution that facilitates the development of the Organization operations, techniques, administration and financial. 
  • Establish alliances of cooperation with National Institutions and Internationals and the Civil Society to guarantee the mobility and pursuit of Human Rights, Social and Financial.

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