Prevent Violence

General Objective:

Strengthen local capacities for the Prevention of Violence in children, adolescents and young people in the Laureles Sur neighborhood, promoting citizen advocacy, inclusive education and special protection, as a guarantor of the full enjoyment of the rights of Nicaraguan children.

Main Achievements

  1. The attention was achieved 222 children, adolescents and Youth in the Primary and high School. 95 primary school children (55 girls, 50 boys), 65 boys and girls, integrated in the Base House of Education located in the community, (35 girls, 30 boys) and 62 high school (38 girls, 24 boys)
  2. An active Project committee with -20 people, of 35 scheduled, for 75% compliance, 15 members who were from the Committee, emigrated to other departments due to economic situations and others due to family problems
  3. 26 people out of 35, for 75%, members of the Prevention Committee were trained
  4. 100 adolescents, 30 parents, 65 children and 45 young people participate in advocacy activities, outside and within the community, there was an over fulfillment of the goal, 45 people were scheduled.
  5. Design of the awareness plan prepared with the participation of entities such as: Police, Managua Mayor’s Office of District VII, The family and health ministry, Community Leaders, Teachers, Project Committee, Capri (another NGO of the Neighborhood), Impulse, Directors of Centers and Technical Team and Administrative.
  6. Good participation of the District VII National Police was achieved during the whole year, an instance that guaranteed accompaniment in all the activities that were carried out in view of the citizen advocacy plan executed in the Laureles Sur neighborhood.
  7. Citizen Advocacy Plan for the Prevention of Violence, is taken up by the community of Laureles Sur, actively participating in all activities carried out in the community, showing interest in protecting and respecting the rights of children and young people emphasized in: how to educate children and young people and not allow alcohol and drug use
  8. 100% of the exchanges of experiences between the member organizations of the Alliance were carried out, resulting in the formation of a group of communicators of 4 adolescents and young people and a network of 70 adolescents and young youth leaders from the 7 sectors of the community of the South Laureles,
  9. 100% collaboration was obtained from (Police, MIFAMILIA, Mayor of Managua D-VII). despite not getting a signed agreement
  10. 20 people of 35 programmed worked in the whole process until the end of the year, 10 of them directly guaranteed the follow-up of cases of special protection in schools, community and with families
  11. There were 5 training workshops, the topics were focused on the prevention of violence, gender equality and the rights of children and adolescents.
  12. Establishment of an agreement with the UNAN (Autonomous University of Nicaragua), faculty of Psychology, it was possible for 2 students of the career to carry out their internships in the psychological clinic in functions in the Foundation, guaranteeing the assistance to patients for a period of 5 months and attended a monthly average of 13 patients with different diagnoses, such as: Aggressive behaviors associated with family dynamics; school anxiety associated with Asperger’s Syndrome; low self-esteem associated with the mistreatment received by her guardian, and other symptoms all attached to the abuse received by children in their homes, the intervention was direct, also working with parents.
  13. Participatory evaluation of the project was carried out, with the participation of the main authors involved, who evaluated the main achievements, difficulties encountered and how they were overcome, as well as recommendations to take them into account in the next period 2018.

Featured activities

  1. The massive campaign, No to Commercial or Sexual Exploitation Against Girls and Adolescents, is highlighted, a work in conjunction with the non-governmental organization «VIVA por La Niñez Nicaragüense»
  2. Executed meetings, in which participated in a press conference in which 3 consortiums that are part of the global alliance participated: (DEDENAN Program, the Nicaraguan Trauma Relief Alliance and the National ESC Prevention Consortium)
  3. Execution of the Citizen Advocacy Plan; the main activity was the presence before the legislative organ of Nicaragua (National Assembly), place where they presented their pronouncements directed by them from their voices.
  4. A family kiosk was run with the support of the VIVA organism for the Nicaraguan Children, where the topic of Sexual Abuse was promoted, with the participation of 75 mothers accompanied by their children.
  5. Conducting 2 meetings the first adolescents and young people held a sports morning, the second was with parents of families who shared all the difficulties of insecurity that is experienced in the community, the use of drugs and alcohol.
  6. Accompaniment was guaranteed to 60 adolescents and young people of the project in a March with the motto All for a GOOD DEAL done in front of Universidad Centro Americana in the city of Managua, (UCA), another in front of the National Assembly, in both activities they participated Civil Society organizations demanding that they be treated with respect and be able to receive a good deal with the State instances guaranteeing their rights.
  7. Execution of a march of Citizen Advocacy in the Community with the participation of 150 participants from 2 public schools, adolescents and young people of the project, the theme was All Together We denounced all types of Sexual and Commercial Exploitation within the Community, parents also participated of families, carrying banners, blankets and ending with a small act at the NITCA foundation.
  8. 8.Members of the project’s technical team are present at a Press Conference organized by the Global Alliance with the theme of Reporting all types of Sexual and Commercial Exploitation, in which 3 television and 2 written media participated.

Impact of the Violence Prevention Project

The project has impacted positively on children and young people, those who have developed many skills, in the use of tools acquired in training, talks, learning processes and materials, now the children, participants are recognized as active subjects, defending their rights against to powers of the State as a National Assembly, (Legislative Power) demanding their needs as adolescents and young people

At the level of parents, the impact has also been positive, since they have guaranteed accompaniment to their children in activities promoted by the project

In the community, the project has allowed more families to be informed and sensitized about the treatment, protection and care of children and adolescents.

Teachers’ capacities have been strengthened, which translates into quality care and warmth addressed to the children and adolescents who attend the programs derived from the «Prevention of Violence» project.

Main problems and how they were solved

At the beginning of the year there were difficulties, due to delayed disbursement which made it difficult to carry out some activities, before these, strategies were established to search for solutions, obtaining support from some government bodies and partner organizations in the field of prevention of the violence, which supported the project with training and talks to strengthen both institutional and beneficiaries, this support is considered as very valuable to achieve the success of the project in its implementation 2017.


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