Psychological Clinic

Thanks to the support of the German Embassy since two years ago, NITCA has a psychological clinic for the attention to the violence cases in the affected are mainly the children and adolescents. The clinic attend an average of 15 patients on a daily basis.

In this semester we have managed to identify 89 boys, girls, and adolescents that have suffered some type of violence, opening them an individual file and providing them with psychological attention, to later send them to specialize institutions and give them companionship to their families supporting them with transportation and specialize attention. 

Statistics of NNA and Adolescents beneficiaries with Psychological attention Elemental in the first semester of 2016


4 – 12


13 – 15


16 – 18

Female 15 12 5 32
Male 31 19 7 57
Total 46 31 12 89  

Difficulties found during the 1st Semester – 2016 in thePsychological Clinic(As a component of the project “Prevent Violence”) SKN

  • Resistance by members of the family that knew the damage that was made through physical punishment, verbal and psychological to the Children and youth.