Scholarship Project 


Contribute to the formal education, technical and university of 60 adolescents and youth of both sexes, workers and in social risks, habitants of the neighborhood ¨Laureles Sur¨, through the educational scholarships and activities social educational directed to all the involved parties in this process, that allows them to strengthen their personal capacities for the improvement of their lifestyle and their families.

III. Principal Achievements

  • Enrolled the 68% (41 of 60) beneficiaries in the Scholarship Project for this year.
  • The 100% (28 of 28) of the students of high school enrolled assist regularly to classes.
  • 100% of students that go to the university (7 of 7) are enrolled and are assisting regularly to classes.
  • 20% (5 of 25) students that have applied to the technical scholarships have been enrolled. The 80% that is left will be incorporated in July of the current year.
  • 68% (27 of 40) beneficiaries of the Scholarship Project enrolled and active have made their social work in a satisfactory manner.
  • Increment of a 162% in social working hours, (390 hrs out of 240 hrs) in relation to the previous month with a symbolic value of C$7,312.5 (seven thousand, three hundred and twelve with fifty cents) that NITCA would´ve paid if they would´ve hired the personnel to make it.
  • 100% of the beneficiaries assist to the school reinforcement.
  • 100% (40 of 40) of the visits to their homes made during the first semester